CBS Analytics (BrandPulse)

What does it cover

Most of our customers have been very distant from the data they possessed and have uncovered only a small portion of analytical capabilities based on their data. CBS Analytics has bridged that gap and digested the data to serve it in a usable form on every level – operative, mid-management and executive.

Each analysis, no matter how complex it is, is made by drag&drop alone. There is no need for any scripting, robust menus or any technical / statistical expertise of end users.

Bringing data closer to business users is in essence main function of our in-memory analytical platform. We have covered many aspects of:

  • Data discovery
  • Advanced statistical analysis
  • Many aspects of Big Data and Data fusion
  • Data visualization
  • Single platform – connecting (market, consumer, media) research data, transactional data and unstructured data sources
  • Predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Planning and tracking realization of business plans

We have coupled our software with following services:

  • Data science (identify the right data and connect it in a right way)
  • Data processing and preparation
  • Research methodology consulting
  • Forecasting of whole industry (on global or market level)

Typical usage

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